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The Nexus of Forces — the convergence of mobile, social, cloud and information — has become the platform for digital business. Digital business is the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds. This update to the Nexus of Forces Special Report explores some of the patterns and approaches that define that platform.

The areas of mobile computing, cloud, social networking, and big data / analytics technologies are coming together to create this unstoppable force. And, CEOs must be aware because when these forces combine, they will either be a powerful force of change or offer a wealth of opportunity. Gartner describes the forces as “the convergence and mutual reinforcement of interdependent trends”. It goes on to state that the forces combine to empower individuals as they interact with each other and their information, through well-designed ubiquitous technology.

Innovators and the companies who really “get it” are “aggressively driving the convergence of these forces to create new opportunities and new paradigms”, according to Gartner. And as a consequence, there is “a shift of control into the hands of the users more than we’ve ever seen before”. Of course, none of the individual forces are particularly new, but Gartner is quick to emphasize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The impact on everyday business will be swift and powerful.

What do we conclude from this? Firstly, it is becoming increasingly evident that we are truly in the Age of the Customer. And secondly, the customer is definitively in the driving seat. As a business, you had better raise your game or risk losing opportunities. Whether from analytics databases, to social networks, the cloud or via mobile devices, one thing is for sure…there is a lot of data. More worrying still, is that as this data bounces between you and your customers and users in real-time, expectations of service are high. They won’t care about your network bandwidth, infrastructure costs or technical complexities. All they are concerned with is being able to do what they want- quickly, effectively and affordably. And, if you’re not in a position to provide that product or service, then you –aren’t in the game.


The prominent reason behind organization of National Seminar on Revolutionizing India – The Nexus of Digital Forces (Mobile, Social, Big data, Cloud and Consumerization) is to bring together eminent academicians, researchers, Scientist, scholars and industry professionals on a forum to impart and share their perspectives on emerging issues, challenges, research outputs in the area of these forces

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