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Sharmistha Dey

Assistant Professor
Information Technology
Contact No: 9007466285

Educational Qualification:

MCA M Tech PhD(Pursuing)-Computer Science and Engineering Specialization- Cloud Computing


8.7 Years

Areas of Interest:

Cloud Computing Sensor Network Big Data

Research publications in International Journal:

1.Sharmistha Dey,Santanu Kumar Sen, “ 4- Dimensional Security Matrix An innovative approach towards cloud security analysis" (Submission code: IJCSYSE-142692) for the International Journal of Computational Systems Engineering (IJCSYSE),paper has been initially accepted and under the second phase of review process.(Impact Factor: 2.38) 2.Sayantan Chanda,Sharmistha Dey,Arunabha Nath, Mouli Dutta,Krischina Koley,” Use of Some Popular Android Applications in Post Disaster Management Scenario”,published on International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology,Volume 6,Issue 6, pp: 5274-5278, December 2015, Impact Factor 3.32 3.Dr Santanu Kr Sen,Sharmistha Dey, “SVT Matrix – An innovative approach towards cloud security”(Paper ID -'IJCSI-2015-12-3-10352'. ),paper accepted for publication for May 2015 Issue in International Journal of Computer Science Issues(IJCSI) 4.Sharmistha Dey, “Survey on Importance of Context aware Security in Distributed Computing Environment Like Cloud”,Published in International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering,Vol 5,Issue 4,2015,pp 1077-1084 5.Santanu Sen,Sharmistha Dey,Ipsita saha, “An Innovative Approach to Devise Security Matrix to Measure Impact of Attack Vectors in Cloud Networks”, published in International Journal of Advance Research in Computer Science and Management Studies,Volume 2,Issue 4,2014

Paper presented in National Conferences:

4. Dr Santanu Kumar Sen, Sharmistha Dey, Surojit Acharjee, “A Survey on Cloud Computing Security Issues”, paper presented on National seminar on Security Aspects in Modern Communication System(NSSAMCS) organized by ECE Dept,GNIT, 5-6 march 2013

Paper presented in International Conferences:

12. Sharmistha Dey, Santanu Kr Sen, “An innovative Concept of 4- Dimensional Security Matrix for Cloud Computing “,Paper Accepted for International Conference of Research in Intelligent Computing in Engineering, nagpur,Maharastra, 4-6 April 2016 , MGH Publication,pp-5274-5278

MDP organized / conducted:

1.One day Seminar on Ethical Hacking collaboration with All Indian Association of IT

Workshops Attended:


Workshops conducted:

1. Emerging trend of Cloud Computing for Final and Pre-final Year BCA and MCA Students 2.Use of Hibernate using Eclipse IDE in collaboration with V Force Global Pvt Ltd.



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