Dr. Pankaj K Agarwal

Contact No: +91-9839711444

Brief Profile:

Dr. Pankaj K Agarwal’s six year stint with banking and financial service industry includes fortune 500 banks like SBI. He has about 12 years of thorough experience in teaching and academic administration. His core strength lies in research, training and developing business and academic leaders. He is a Ph. D (Business Management), MBA (FMS), CFA (ICFAI), CAIIB (Gold Medalist) and NSE Certified Market Professional (NCMP).He has won two national awards “Bank of India Prize” and “M P Srivastava Memorial Prize” for outstanding performance in banking sector. He has conducted MDPs for senior officers of various blue chip companies like PNB, NTPC and U P Government. He has successfully convened two well-attended national conferences. He not only has published/presented several papers in international and national journals/conferences, but also has chaired many technical sessions. He is on Board of Editors/ Reviewers of 7 international journals. He has co-authored a well acclaimed text book on Financial Management. His academic interests include corporate finance, banking, capital markets, asset pricing, financial econometrics and developing new learning tools in finance education. He is passionate about financial and econometric modelling and evangelizes open source language “R”. Prof. Agarwal is Life Member of The Indian Econometrics Society (TIES), Indian Commerce Association and Indian Economic Association.

Educational Qualification:

MBA(FMS),CFA(ICFAI),CAIIB(Gold Medalist),NCMP(NSE),Ph D, UGC-NET,Fellow in Management(XLRI Jamshedpur-Completion Stage)


1. Six Years in BFSI including State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank. 2.Twelve Years in Academics (Last Professor and Dean(A)-SMS Lucknow)

Awards & Honors:

1.Bank of India Prize by IIBF, Mumbai 2.M P Srivastava Memorial Prize by IIBF, Mumbai 3. Best Writer in Finance Award by's First Financial Content Marketplace 4.Ex-Examiner The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) 5.Resource Person-Ministry of Corporate Affairs-ICAI Investor Education Program

Areas of Interest:

Corporate Finance,Banking, Asset Pricing, Financial and Econometric Modelling

Articles contributed:

Agarwal, P K (1998) “Making the best of a Bad B-School”, The Economic Times, New Delhi

Books Authored:

1.Agarwal, P K & Agarwal, N (2010), “Financial Management” CBS Publishers, ISBN 978-93-80257-08-2 2.Agarwal, P K (2014) & Rai, R N, “Management of Financial Institutions” Sri Publishers New Delhi. (In Press)

Research publications in National Journal:

1.Agarwal, P K (2012), “A Note on Teaching Concept of Value & Return and IRR”, Contemporary Management 2. Agarwal, P K and Rai, R N (2011), “Performance of Public Sector Banks In the New Economy: A Comparison with Private Sector Banks”, Bank Quest, V82 No. 4, ISSN 00194921. 3. Agarwal, P K and Agarwal, N (2011), “Credit Default Swaps: A Boon For Lenders”, E-Track, Journal of Punjab National Bank of Institute of Information Technology, V7 No.2 pp 4-6 ISSN 2249-1996 4. Agarwal, P K and Sen, P K (2010) “Disclosure & Financial Performance: A Cross Sectional Study Of MFI Firms In India”, Business Vision, V5 No.2 pp 157-174 ISSN 0973-1369 5. Agarwal, P K and Shukla, D (2010) “Indian Economy & Foreign Direct Investment In Retail Sector: An Impact Study ” Journal of Management, V1 No.11 ISSN 0976-1063 6. Agarwal, P K and Pande, P (2007), Trends in Indian Retail Banking, Kora Vachan

Research publications in International Journal:

1. Agarwal,P K (2015), “S & P 500- A Case Study on Econometric Modelling of Asymmetric Volatility” Wealth-International Journal of Money, Banking and Finance, Vol. 4, No. 1, Jan-Jun (Forthcoming) ISSN 2277-9388 2. Agarwal, P K & Rai, R N (2013) “Product Differentiation in Retail Lending of Banks- Move Over EMI, Cometh DMI” Global Journal of Finance and Management Vol. 5, No. 8, pp 82-87, ISSN 0975-6477 3. Agarwal, P K (2012), “Capital Structure Theories: A Review Covering-But Not Limited To- Post-90s Theoretical & Empirical Work”, Working Paper, Xavier Labor Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur 4. Agarwal, P K & Verma, S K (2012), “Working Capital Management and Corporate Performance: Evidence from a Study of Indian Firms”, International Journal of Indian Culture & Business Management, ABDC Listed, InderScience Publication, Vol. 7, No. 4, pp 552-571 5. Rai, R N & Agarwal, P K (2011), “A Critical Review of Financial Performance of Banking Organizations Across the World”, Review of Business and Technology Research Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 34-40, ISSN 1941-9414 6. Agarwal, P K and Sinha, S K (2010) “Financial Performance of Micro Finance institutions in India: A Study, Delhi Business Review, V 11 No. 2, pp 37-46, ISSN 0972-222x

Paper presented in National Conferences:

1.Mehrotra, M and Agarwal, P K, 2013, The Challenge of Reviving Business Education Sector: Prescriptions from Corporates and Academia, 2nd Lucknow Social Science Congress, Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Lucknow (Presented by co-author) 2. Agarwal, P K and Maurya, S, 2012, 3600 Inter-linkage Between Academia and Industry, 2nd National Seminar organized by KNIPSS Management Institute, Sultanpur. 3. Agarwal, P K and Sinha, S K, 2009, Disclosure & Financial Performance: A cross sectional study of Indian MFIs, Paper presented in Annual Conference of Indian Commerce Association held at Ajmer. 4. Agarwal, P K and Sinha, S K, 2008, Financial Performance Microfinance Institutions In India: A Study, Paper presented in Golden Jubilee Conference, Indian Commerce Association, Nagpur 5. Agarwal, P K, 2007, Need for a Proactive Approach: Indian Institutions of Higher Learning and New Opportunities Offered by Globalized Regime, Paper Presented in Conference on Higher Education in a Regime Of Globalization: Emerging Trends of Quality, Governance & Management” at KNIPSS, Sultanpur. 6. Agarwal, P K and Tiwari, V C, 2006, SHGs and Rural Entrepreneurship: A critique of Indian Experience from Microfinance Perspective, Paper Presented at Conference on Economy and Entrepreneurship at VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur 7. Agarwal, P K, 2006, Making Business Education more Effective, Paper Presented at Conference on “Developing Mantras for Effective Teaching”, organized by LBSIMDS, Lucknow 8. Agarwal, P K, 2005, Impact of Globalization and Reforms on Efficiency of Indian Capital Markets, Paper Presented in Conference on Socio Economic and Environmental Implications of Globalization in Indian Perspective at JNPG College, Lucknow

Paper presented in International Conferences:

1.Agarwal, P K, 2016, Mutual Fund Performance in India: Selectivity and Market Timing, 2nd International Conference on Applied Economics and Business, Sri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra, Jammu 2. Agarwal, P K & Verma, S K, 2013, Trade-off Between Financial Sustainability and Outreach in Indian MFIs, 2nd International Workshop on Inclusive Finance, XLRI Jamshedpur 3. Agarwal, P K & Rai, R N, 2013, “Product Differentiation in Retail Lending of Banks- Move Over EMI, Cometh DMI” in 2013 “World Congress on Business, Finance, Marketing and Industrial Management for Sustainable Development” at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi 4. Agarwal, P K & Rai, R N, 2011, “A Critical Review of Financial Performance of Banking Organizations Across the World”, Presented by Co-author in 2011 MTMI Annual International Conference, organized jointly by University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and the Bowie State University , USA 5. Agarwal, P K, 2008, Stock Market Volatility in India: A Review, Paper presented in the international conference “Global Issues In Business & Technology”, organized jointly by NIFM, New Delhi & University of Maryland, USA 6. Agarwal, P K & Tiwari, V C, 2006, Improved Decision Making in a B-School: An Application of Network Techniques, paper presented in the Seventh International Conference on Operations & Quantitative Management, organized by Association of Indian Management Scholars, USA and University of Rajasthan.

MDP organized / conducted:

Organized/Sessions Taken: 1. "Finance for Non-Finance Executives" for Officers of PSUs and UP Government, 2012 2."Finance for Non-Finance Executives" for Middle level Managers with ASSOCHAM, 2011 3. "Project Management" for Officers of PSUs and U P Government, 2009 4."Cost Analysis and Management" for executives of NTPC, 2005 5."Credit Analysis" for AGMs of Punjab National Bank, 2005

FDP organized / conducted:

1."Pedagogy in Management Teaching" School of Management Sciences, Lucknow, 2013 2."Research Methodology in Management", Jhunjhunwala Business School, Faizabad, 2011 3."Pedagogy Improvement", LBSIMDS, Lucknow, 2009 4."B-School Environment", LBSIMDS, 2009

National Seminar organized:

1.Convener-"Pragyan-2008", Two-day national seminar at Jhunjhunwala Business School, Faizabad 2.Organizing Secretary,Two-day National Seminar (In association with CII), SMS Lucknow, 2013

Workshops Attended:

1.Two Day National Seminar on Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental Degradation and Sustainability (SPEEDS-2013) organized by School of Management Sciences, Lucknow. 2. Fourteen-Day AICTE-Sponsored FDP on “Application of Econometrics and Time Series Techniques in Business” organized by Sri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra, Jammu in May, 2013. 3. One Day Workshop on “Business Communication & Presentation Skills” organized by PHDCCI in 2013 4. Two Day “National Research Conference on Transforming Management Education for Sustainable Tomorrow” organized by All India Management Association, New Delhi, India , in 2012 5. One Day Seminar on Management Awareness organized by State Bank of India and IIM Lucknow in 2011 6. One Day Workshop on “KAIZEN & 5 S”, organized by PHDCCI in 2011 7. Two Day Workshop on “ Financial Econometrics Using E-Views” organized by DIAS, New Delhi in 2011 8. One Day Workshop on “International Business/Commercial Practices” organized by PHDCCI in 2011 9. One Day Team Building Workshop organized by PHDCCI in 2010 10. One Week Quantitative Finance Workshop, at IGIDR Mumbai in 2009 11. Three Day Faculty Development Workshop at ICFAI University, Nagpur 12. One Week Program In Credit Analysis at State Bank Of India Academy, Gurgaon in 2002 13. Two Week Behavioral science workshop in State Bank Staff College, Hyderabad, 2001 14. One Week program in Rural Finance at State Bank of India Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad in 2001

Workshops conducted:

1.Two-day Financial Modelling Workshop, HNB Garhwal Central University, Srinagar, 2014 2.Two-day Financial Modelling Workshop, Purvanchal University,Jaunpur, 2014 3.One-day Financial Modelling Workshop,Sri Satya Institute of Management,Muradabad,2011 4.Two-day Financial Modelling Workshop, Jhunjhunwala Business School, Faizabad, 2011 5.Two-day Financial Modelling Workshop, Jhunjhunwala Business School, Faizabad, 2010

National Seminar Conducted:

1.Chaired National Seminar on “Chipping-In Corporate Participation in Professional Education Machinery: An Activity Based Education Approach, Indian Management Scenario” organized by KNIPSS Management Institute, Sultanpur as a Keynote Speaker. 2. Chaired National Seminar on “Changing Needs of Consumer and Challenges” sponsored by AICTE and organized by LBSIMDS, Lucknow in 2009 as Resource Person 3. Chaired National Seminar on “ Higher Education At the Face of New Economy” sponsored by UGC & organized by KNIPSS Sultanpur as Technical Session Chair in 2008 4. Chaired National Seminar on “Higher Education In a Regime of Globalization: Emerging Trends of Quality, Governance & Management” sponsored by UGC/ICSSR & organized by KNIPSS Sultanpur in 2007 as Resource Person 5. Chaired National Seminar on “Socio-Economic Implication of Globalization: Indian Perspective” sponsored by UGC and organized by Sri JNPG College, Lucknow in 2005 as Rapporteur.

International Seminar Conducted:

1.Keynote Speaker and Chief Guest in 2nd International Conference on Applied Economics and Business, Sri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra, Jammu 2. Rapporteur in 2nd International Workshop on Inclusive Finance at XLRI Jamshedpur, 2013 3. Chaired International Seminar on “Global Issues in Business and Technology” sponsored by Ministry of Finance, and organized by University of Maryland USA as Conference advisor and Technical session Chair



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