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07.01.2014 - 07.01.2014

 Workshop on SPSS



January 01, 2014

All the students of above mentioned courses are hereby informed that there will be a workshop on SPSS conducted by Prof. Divya Gupta in order to improve their quality of dissertation on January 07, 2014 from 2.30PM to 5.30PM in Mini Auditorium in which following points will be covered:

a.       Selection of sampling technique

                                                              i.      Defining Target population – Element, sampling unit, extent, time

                                                            ii.      Defining sampling frame

                                                          iii.      Probability or non-probability sampling technique

b.      Entry of primary data in SPSS

c.       Defining of variables

d.      Applying different statistical tools such as graphs, z, t, F, ANOVA, chi-square test

e.       Special concern to Factor Analysis

f.       Interpretation of data

g.      Presentation of results – A Handout will be provided of result of example taken in workshop

All the students are required to bring their laptop and the excel file (soft copy attached) at the time of workshop.


Day and Date: Tuesday, January 07, 2014 at 2.30PM

Venue: Mini Auditorium


Note: It is mandatory for all the students to attend the workshop


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