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Special Seminar on “How to Prevent Heart Attack?”


IMS Ghaziabad organized Special Seminar on “How to Prevent Heart Attack?", January 21, 2017, delivered by Dr. Raman Puri, Sr. Cardiologist, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi & Chairman, Lipid Association of India

The ongoing “Special Seminar Series”, is the brainchild of Prof. J.P.Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad. In his inaugural address, Dr. Sharma, eulogized “Guest of Honour”, Dr. Raman Puri, Sr.Cardiologist and Chairman, Lipid Association of India, for his relentless service to the needy patients, even hailing from neighbouring countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. In his view, more than 4.5 crores people are suffering from heart ailments today and nearly one-fifth deaths in India are due to heart attack. Even today Indian youths are also not untouched from this malicious disease.

Dr. Raman Puri shared his experience with the audience by showing few pics of a patient of a 35 years old, whom he had operated before coming to IMS for his scheduled lecture. It was an eye opener. His basic concern was the young age, college going students are also under the grip of Heart ailments. While emphasizing the gravity of the Heart ailments in India, he shared some facts related to “Tsunami of pre-mature heart Disease in India”. While in year 2010, there were 47 million heart patients, it rose to 61.8 million by 2015, which is an alarming situation. Indian are four times more prone to heart diseases in comparision to Americans today. He identified nine factors which accounted for 90 percent cases of heart attacks. Among them cholestrol, smoking, hypertension, alcohol, abdominal obesity and less exercise are quite prominent. In case of Lipid, two main components- LDL and HDL, plays a vital role, among the total 5 components. Dr. Puri also elaborated various aspects of diabetes, hypertension, smoking, alcohol consumption and their probable impact on the body and especially heart ailments. He requested everybody to go for regular exercise, Yoga & Pranayam, for keeping one fit and taking healthy diet regularly. He also conveyed a strong message to the audience by saying, take care of your parents and “Don’t loose them” by sheer ignorance. He further exhorted that you have saved one life, if you have done justice to your life. Later on, Dr. Puri answered several queries raised by students and faculty .

Finally, Dr.S.K.Dube , Chairperson- Special Seminar , expressed vote of thanks to the distinguished guests. He expressed gratitude to Dr.Raman Puri for sensitizing IMSians about heart ailments and its preventions. He also thanked Dr. Rashmi and her team for facililitating Lipid tests at IMS and making the programme possible. Dr. Dube further thanked Prof. J.P.Sharma, Director IMS, for motivating and facilitating the Seminar. With a huge round of applause,the programme came to an end.