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Certified Training Programme on CMIE’s Prowess IQ

Certified Training Programme on CMIE’s Prowess IQ at IMS Ghaziabad, August 23, 2016

Institute of Management Studies Ghaziabad, under the stewardship of Prof. J.P. Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, organized a ‘Certified Training Programme on CMIE’s Prowess IQ’ on August 23, 2016 for the final year students of PGDM (Batch 2015-17). The programme witnessed the gracious presence of Mr. Manas Gupta and Ms. Saumya Mehrotra, Senior Business Executives of Center For Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd. (CMIE) along with Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak, Program Chairperson – PGDM, Dr. Neeraj Sanghi, Area Chairperson -finance and Dr. Pankaj Kumar Agarwal, Professor – Finance.

The objective of this training programme was to give an exposure and understanding of ‘CMIE’s Prowess IQ’, the database of the financial performance of over thirty eight thousand companies, to the PGDM students. It includes all companies listed on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange, thousands of unlisted public limited and private limited companies. IMS Ghaziabad is one of the select premier B-Schools that offers unrestricted access of the database to faculty members and students for quality analysis and research. Mr. Manas Gupta and Ms. Saumya Mehrotra, both Senior Business Executives and Corporate Trainers of CMIE, shared their knowledge with the students and how Prowess has proven to be an indispensable source to extract financial information and performance of active business enterprises in India. Trainers extensively trained the students on how to extract information from the database. The Prowess database is built from annual reports, quarterly financial statements, stock exchange feeds and other reliable sources. The database is structured to enable inter-company and inter-temporal comparisons. This enhances the usefulness of the database in decision making. This database can be used by the students in their projects, dissertations, and to update their knowledge about the Indian corporate sector & enhance the employability.