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Inaugural Ceremony of the Centralized Examination Branch

“Inaugural Ceremony of the Centralized Examination Branch” at IMS Ghaziabad

The gala “Inaugural Ceremony of the Centralized Examination Branch” at IMS Ghaziabad , was done in the auspicious presence of Dr. Pramod Agarwal ji, Managing Trustee-IMS Ghaziabad, Prof. J.P.Sharma, Director – IMS Ghaziabad, Programme Chairperson-PGDM, Dr.Tapan Kumar Nayak, HOD-MCA, Dr. Avadhesh Gupta, Examination Controller- Dr. Anita Singh, Chairperson- Student’s Evaluation, Dr Tusshar Mahajan, Faculty and staff members of PGDM & MCA

In his welcome address, Prof. J.P.Sharma, Director IMS, eulogized and thanked Dr. Pramod Agarwal ji, Managing Trustee, for granting permission on the spur of the moment to set up centralized examination branch. Prof. Sharma emphasized that the centralized exam branch will not only strengthen secrecy of records but also provide a single window system to the students and faculty. He also highlighted the initiatives undertaken by him in the short period at IMS. Prof. Sharma also assured to take IMS to higher trajectory of academic excellence in coming years.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak, Programme Chairperson- PGDM, recalled the new initiatives introduced under the stewardship of new Director. Organizing “Special Seminar Series”, ‘comprehensive review of existing syllabus’ of all areas of PGDM programme, setting up a new ‘Advisory Board’ and “Editorial Board” for the Journal of IMS Group, creation of new ‘Hostel Managing Committee’ and finally, “Centralized Examination Branch” at IMS are some of the latest initiatives.

Dr. Anita Singh, Controller of Examinations, stressed upon 8 characteristics of a good quality examination system and also underlined the importance of independent Examination System. She also informed about the planning, preparedness and execution of the examination system at IMS.
Dr. Tusshar Mahajan, Chairperson- Students’ Evaluation, emphasized on the various phases of examination, evaluation and various other reforms in the exam system.

Finally, Dr.Avadhesh Gupta, HOD-MCA, expressed “Vote of thanks” to all the distinguished guests in the mini auditorium.

At the end, the “ribbon cutting ceremony” was done by Hon’ble Dr. Pramod Agarwal ji, Managing Trustee, in the presence of Prof. J.P.Sharma , Director IMS, faculty and staff. The programme was moderated by Dr. S.K.Dube, Coordinator- Special Lectures. ‘High Tea” was also arranged for one and all in IMS cafeteria.