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Special Seminar Series- Prof. Vijay K. Shrotriya at IMS Ghaziabad


Special Seminar Series - Session by Prof. Vijay K. Shrotriya, Professor Dept. of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University at IMS Ghaziabad on April 18, 2016

IMS Ghaziabad organized a seminar on “Strategic HR - its Need & Future ”, delivered by Prof. Vijay K. Shrotriya, an eminent academician & Professor - Dept. of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, as part of the Special Seminar Series. The “Special seminar Series” was initiated under the stewardship of our visionary Director, Prof. J. P. Sharma.

Professor Vijay K. Shrotriya, former Head of Dept, Dept of Commerce at NEHU Shillong, expressed his willingness to deliberate on the topic “Need for Strategic HR”. He broached the topic by asking why people work. He shared news of ‘Lacoste’ and ‘Zomato’ pertaining to firing of their employees. Mr. Dipendra Goyal was prominently figured in it. Prof. Vijay was also apt in taking up transformation scenario in India. In his view, a marked shift has occurred from ‘permanency towards temporary nature of the jobs’. He quoted Peter Drucker where he had reflected in his HBR article in 2007, ‘employees as liability’. He further substantiated by quoting Alvin Toffler who echoed “End of Permanency” with respect to jobs. “Why do we need strategy?” His curt reply was to overcome competition. It has an internal & external dimension too. There was also an issue of ‘unemployment & employability’. In his view a paradoxical situation is prevailing presently- “ While organizations are struggling to retain talents on the other hand talented are hunting for jobs”. While emphasizing attitude, skill and knowledge as desired attributes of an individual, he further clarified that “one is hired for his aptitude but fired for his attitude”. In fact to maintain attitude in the employees has become a biggest challenge for HR.

He recalled the cardinal principle of HR- “Right people in the right job at the right time”. While emphasizing human efforts, Prof. Vijay quoted Adam Smith, who termed it as greatest wealth of a nation. One of the best practices employed by Infosys to make human efforts accountable to the organization was the –ESOPS, as a strategy to keep employee in the organization. Prof. Vijay also touched upon “The Harvard framework”. Finally, Prof. winded up his presentation by exploring ‘Strategic Vision’ and “Future of Strategic HR”. The session was followed by ‘Question & Answer Session’

The Coordinator of “Special Seminar series”- Dr. S.K. Dube, expressed “Vote of Thanks” , on behalf of IMS Fraternity to the ‘Guest of Honour- Professor Vijay K. Shrotriya, and all dignitaries. He also thanked the students for being patient listener and observing discipline.