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Special Seminar Series, April 08, 2016 at IMS Ghaziabad, Guest of Honour- Prof. Kavita Sharma


IMS Ghaziabad organized third “Special Lecture” of ongoing “Special Seminar Series” on April 8, 2016, initiated by esteemed Director, Prof. J.P. Sharma. Prof. Sharma graciously introduced ‘Guest of Honour” for the day, Prof. Kavita Sharma, who is presently heading the Department of Commerce at Delhi School of Economics. Despite her specialization in Marketing, Prof. Kavita picked up “Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Philanthropy & Corporate Reputation” as a topic to reflect her viewpoints on linkages between ‘Corporate Business and their philanthropic activities’.

Prof. Kavita was of the opinion that ensuring good governance is the responsibility of the Government. However, entrepreneurial choices results in providing goods & services which ultimately led to competition. What is more important that entrepreneurial engagements often yielded to competing with integrity. She further emphasized that being responsible means either doing no harm or doing good. Corporate need to be seen in this perspective which creates “win-win environment” for the society. She re -emphasized “doing business of a business is a business”. Prof. Sharma cited CRISIL Report on implementation of CSR in 2015, 1300 companies listed in BSE actually met the criteria of 2% contribution. The spread of CSR was mainly in “Education, Sanitation, Health care & Rural Development”. She also coined term “Green Wash” which implied the corporate doing propaganda for being environment friendly by using green colour in packaging or showing green leaves on their products etc. Prof. Sharma also highlighted “Mapping CSR Landscape” where Philanthrophy V/s Propoganda is plotted against a pet project with respect to two major objectives: benefitting to Society & Benefitting to Business. She further clarified that “Intrinsic Motives” with “Altruistic Purpose” leads to “Moral Capital Builtup”. She also took case studies related to HUL’s “Shakti” and “IBM”. She finally emphasized ‘3Ps- Profit, People and Planet ‘as a basis for Corporate Social Responsibility, by the corporate. The session was followed by ‘Question & Answer Session’

Finally, Dr. S.K. Dube, Coordinator- Special Lectures, expressed “Vote of Thanks” , on behalf of IMS Fraternity to the ‘Guest of Honour- Prof. Kavita Sharma’ and all dignitaries. He also thanked the students for being patient listener and observing discipline.