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27.02.2016 - 29.02.2016

Special Session by Honorable Prof. J.P Sharma – Director IMS Ghaziabad for PGDM & MCA Students

Interacting with PGDM / MCA Students and Faculty members for the first time, Honorable Director – IMS Ghaziabad, Prof. J. P. Sharma delivered special sessions on Corporate Governance and CSR along with the focus on E-Governance on February 27 & 29, 2016. Prof Sharma is a Former Professor of Law & Corporate governance, Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.

The PGDM Students were enlightened by reverent Director about one of the most popular Corporate Scam and highlighted some of its key aspects during his address on WHAT WENT WRONG WITH SATYAM?, which also happens to be one of his Top acclaimed Research Paper. He also stressed on swift action taken by the Government and stricter laws created after the scam into limelight. PGDM Students & Faculty members were elated to listen & interact with an academician par excellence.

MCA Students were enlightened by reverent Director about Corporate Social Responsibility and highlighted some of its key aspects during his address. He also stressed on the fact that CSR Laws & statutes in India are the strictest in the world and India became the first country in the world to have a mandatory CSR contribution legislation in 2013, wherein Companies above a certain size need to make a minimum CSR spending (2% of average profits of the past three years). He also made the students aware about the difference between Philanthropy & CSR. MCA Students were ecstatic to listen & interact with an academic luminary. Indeed it was a unique kind of experience for MCA Students and faculty members to listen to the learned Director.