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Workshop on Self Analysis & Personality Development


March 31, 2012


An individual’s unique pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that persists over time and across situations is known as personality. Personality asserts the fundamental goodness of people for striving towards higher level of functioning. A person can possibility strive to full fill  his/her biological potential and become what he/she is inherently capable of becoming, or may fulfill his/her self-concepts, or the images he/she has for himself/herself.


A full day workshop was conducted by Dr. Reena Singh for students of PGDM, first year on self Analysis and Personality Development to understand psychological build-up and identify their strengths and weaknesses.


This exercise helped students in identifying their inner-self and deciding which course to adopt to achieve their goals/aspirations.


In all four psychometric tests were administered namely.


1.      Locus of control

2.      Parent child relationship scale

3.      Conflict Resolution Style (TKI) and

4.      Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO-B)


Over and above self analysis, students were told about ideal situation and behavior and provided tips to move towards attainment of those traits. The students were acquainted with the sought after traits by recruiters in their prospective employees, and how they use psychometric tests in judging the same.


The workshop was successful in fulfilling its multi fold purpose


1.      Identification of inner self of an individual

2.      Understanding of formation of a behavior pattern of a person.

3.      Understanding the conflict resolution style adopted and benefits of adopting or discarding a particular style.

4.      Understanding and improvement of Interpersonal Relationship of an individual

5.      Preparing the students for better decision making and selection of better conflict resolution styles.

6.      Grooming students to be a good team member, having pleasing personality and better interpersonal relationship with subordinates and superiors in a corporate culture.


The students were delighted to have this kind of a workshop and left with determination of working on identified negative traits.


Dr. Reena Singh