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PICTURE PERFECT a video making competition at IMS Ghaziabad


Kudos to PGDM Students, who showcased their innate talent through the video making competition ‘PICTURE PERFECT’ , First of its kind being organized by IMS Ghaziabad,
“Actions speak louder than the words”. With this notion SMART Committee of IMS Ghaziabad organized a video making competition where PGDM Students educate the society through video portraying social causes and depicting the current social evils prevailing in the society. The team members of smart committee undertook this task to promote the competition and bring out the best from the batch that invariably possesses varied qualities. Amidst the hefty work schedule, students did take out time to participate and showcase their talent. This is probably what describes a B-school where students learn the real art of “Multitasking”.
The Institute was draped with psychedelic posters of PICTURE PERFECT and classroom desktops singing the video competition saga. The students were already ‘bouncing off the walls’ in excitement. Videos created by the students was published at official you tube and winners will decided on the basis of maximum likes generated at you tube channel. The cash prizes worth Rs 6000 and gift vouchers worth Rs. 1 Lac sponsored by E-bay for the competition acts as a catalyst to the contest.

Rank- Themes- Likes- Award prizes-
1st- Caring For Homeless- 393- Rs. 2500 and vouchers of Rs. 12500
2nd- Aagaaz- 290- Rs. 2000 and vouchers of Rs. 11000
3rd- Khushiyaan- 197- Rs. 1500 and vouchers of Rs. 8500

We congratulate ‘Caring for Homeless’ team (featuring Dinesh Bhatia, Kartike Khattar, Himesh Verma, Ishaan Melhotra and Karishma Singhal) for winning the event of picture perfect. It was the most preferred choice on You tube drawing close to 400 likes, all credit goes to the dedicated team who buckled down and did some serious efforts.
First Runners Up : ‘Aagaaz’, Another beautiful video shot by team on the topic of Eve-teasing (featuring Deepika Kaushik, Ajay Ahlawat, Prateek Jain and Piyush Priye) thrilled the competition as a strong contender.
Second Runners Up : ‘Khusiyaan’ comprising of both first and second year students presented the video touching upon the message of eradication of poverty (featuring Abhishek Sharma, Arpit Vashisth, Priyanka Shukla and Prankur Srivastava).
Particpants : ‘Reservation’ Theme portrayed the biasness among the society scored 137 likes (featuring Shashank Kumar Jain, Rishi Chhibber, Aditya Upadhyaya, Swati Mittal and Appurva Rastogi)
‘Self Service’ keeping the swachh bharat initiative in the backdrop gained 60 likes. The video was liked by one and all and the students got a feel how to go about the whole competition (featuring Anish D.Pillai, Ayush Goel, Achal Bhasin, Ratnpriya Pathak and Shanu Safaya).
‘Child Labour’ depicts the poor state of mind of a child who endlessly working leaving his education aside earned 23 likes (featuring Saurabh sharma, Sheeba luther, Shankey verma, Saurabh singh and Shivam singh)
The competition provided a great platform for PGDM students to recognize their playacting talent and showcase to the world in this social media driven era.