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"Sales & Negotiation Skills” by The Surge-Soar with Excellence

IMS Ghaziabad Organized the Workshop on “Sales & Negotiation Skills” by The Surge-Soar with Excellence

On the spectacular morning of August 6, 2014, all the 2nd Year students were gathered in Auditorium of IMS Ghaziabad to mark the commencement ceremony of Workshops on Sales & Negotiation Skills from August 6-9, 2014. The 4 Days workshop on “Sales & Negotiation Skills” by The Surge-Soar with Excellence was an enthralling and captivating one for all the 2nd year PGDM Student (2013-2015). The Kinesthetic sessions covered the pivotal aspects of Selling & Negotiation Skills and Magical Gimmicks for ensuring the Best Deals in Market. In the beginning, Director Dr. Urvashi Makkar addressed the gathering emphasizing the importance of sales and negotiation skills in management practices followed by an overall energizing, creative, innovative and promising practicum by Anchal Badola & Anurag Urmaliya.

The Workshop inclusive of Thumb-rules and styles of Negotiation, comprehensive modules on Walk-away prices and deadlocks, the Barmy Army concepts emphasizing on preparation of own sales force/team, the B 2 B & B 2 C sales techniques were the key take-away of the four days rigorous practicum. The Students were enthralled and amazed to the negotiation skills of Mahabharata and ensured incorporating the same in their routine transactions. The importance of Right Attitude was conveyed through the mentors and students re-assured of implementing the techniques and gimmicks even in their upcoming talent acquisition by the Corporate ahead.