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29.11.2014 - 29.11.2014

Innovation and Creativity, in various forms, from various sources, and of different types, was always an important and integral part of human activity since the beginning of history. However, what is different today is a qualitative shift in the importance of innovation and creativity in everyday life. There is ample evidence that using certain tools and techniques, and in the presence of a conducive environment, innovation and creativity can flourish in the most unlikely of organizations and among the most unlikely people.


Keeping with the legacy, Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad on its completion of 25 glorious years proudly announces its 2nd International Conference on Innovation and Creativity Management : Future for Sustainable Development (ICM 2014) as one of its mega event for Silver Jubilee celebrations. The merriments shall continue round the year to record the journey of excellence in academics further.


International Conference (ICM 2014) aims to provide a global forum to present and discuss research on Innovation and Creativity Management among academicians and practitioners. This will be achieved through multi-disciplinary research-based idea generation. Conference endeavors to bring richness in discussion by encouraging contributions from researchers across academic institutions and industry worldwide.

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