When I was taking admission at IMS GHAZIABAD then I was little confused about the placements because it was very typical to find the place, where you start your career because According to me your's first job creates your impression for the future but now my decision of taking admission here provides me the path for my first job when I got selected in AXIS BANK as ASSISTANT MANAGER.

I am very thank full to Director URVASHI MAKKAR, all CRC members and last but not the least my family without them my dream would always remains dream for me.

I will never forget college life, events where participated lot and others like Marketing first assignment and all my family members.

On the other side along with this the practice session of GDPI for the placements that was very good,because without this we never achieve the goals.

Swopnil Agarwal
PGDM 2012-14 (Axis Bank)

IMS Ghaziabad is a milestone in the journey of my life which I would cherish till the very end. I stepped inside the campus with lots of hopes and my parents’ dreams. The five day induction program was wonderful and I got a chance to listen to many eminent speakers. The management of IMS makes sure that each and every student is ready for the corporate world and they start it from the very first day.

The rigorous schedule, the assignments, the GDs, the surprise quizzes, alumni meet, industrial visits, presentations and many more other fruitful activities make you all set to step into the tough outside world of corporate.

The faculties in IMS are one of the best that one could get in any management college, and no doubt IMS stands proud in the top 20 B schools in India. Being from an engineering background, I always doubted how well would I be able to gel up with the management course but the skilled, experienced teachers helped me a lot. I experienced a very different and innovative way of teaching here by them.

The faculty related each and every concept of marketing with real life that no one could ever forget. I was taught the etiquettes and the corporate culture by the 8 weeks “Winning Mantra Program” which helped me a lot and boosting up and motivating sessions in PPSP classes. I thank faculty members for making the operation classes learning with fun.

For my successful journey from IMS to Markets and Markets, I would like to say a big thanks to our Director Mam, Dr. Urvashi Makkar who is always on her toes to help her students to achieve success.

And at last, my message would not complete unless I thank the backbone of the placement activities of IMS Ghaziabad – The CRC Team. After all it is the placement at last that counts for students and their parents. I was one of the CRC members and I have seen how hard each and every CRC staff works to make sure that each and every student is placed happily.They have done their best from the very beginning; be it giving individual feedback to every student after the CRC evaluation or be it motivating and inspiring them after any rejection. I got opportunities to sit for many big organizations which I dreamt for. I am successfully placed in Markets and Markets.

I still remember the words of the CRC Team which they made it true, “ It’s not far when every student of IMS Ghaziabad will have 2 to 3 offer letters in his/her hand”.

A big thanks to everyone associated with IMS that helped to reach here and helped to get on to the way of success.

Iti Singh
PGDM 2012-14 (Markets & Markets)

PGDM journey has been a voyage of self-discovery and improvement. I picked up number of skills here and had lot of learning in this place. The day I entered in college each day brought new learning to me.

I initially had fear of public speaking and giving presentations but gradually I started enjoying it. I understood here that “There is no free lunch” means that you don’t get something for nothing. You get what you put in.

I am greatful to our director Dr. Urvashi Makkar for supporting us and providing a platform were we can fulfill our dreams. The academic pressure in the first year, and there is no easy way to say this, was tremendous. Nothing like what I have ever experienced in my life. Something I really appreciate now that I have crossed that stage under the guidance of one the best IMS faculties.

Apart for studies IMS gave me opportunity to be part and coordinate many events like Melange, International conferences, Inter Department Fest which constantly helped in grooming my personality. Moments which I spent while coordinating events in Mélange.

In the end I would like to thank my College CRC team because of them not only I whole PGDM batch (2012-14) had wonderful placements.

Arpit Shukla
PGDM 2012-14 (Just Dial)

Page 3

Coming from Financial capital of India (Mumbai) to Ghaziabad city had raised many eyebrows of my batch mates, friends and relatives.

All I just told them give me 2 years, and I will prove myself.

Starting with Induction Program, interaction with Faculties had given me relief, that yes I will get value of money or I can say Return on Investment.

By making us to pass such an rigorous training of classroom programmes, MDP, GDPI session and lots of extracurricular activities.

IMS had made me person where I had options of choosing and joining the companies of my area of interest.

Having a Faculties like Anagha Ma’am, Dhyani Sir who are not only my teacher but also my mentor. I am very much thankful to our director ma’am, marketing, operation faculties and CRC Team. I owe lots of thanks to Nidhi Ma’am, Swarnpreet Sir, Charu Ma’am and Rohit Sir for giving me such a good placement (Indiamart.com and greenply) and showing us right direction. Now I Say proudly “ Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude “

Nilesh Gupta
PGDM 2012-14 (India Mart)

Page 2
Page 3

I am Rahul naam to suna hi hoga!!! Just kidding! basically i am from Kasganj which is nearby Etah. Coming form such a small town I needed lots of development in me. IMS Ghaziabad's interactive learning course curriculum and exposure to speak in front of public, giving presentations and participating in different cultural activity inculcated a lots of potential in me and now i can say these all activities made my a good speaker and developed lots of soft skill in me.

Now I have 3 jobs in hand but placement in Berger paints is like my dream come true as I did my summer internship at Berger itself so i always wanted to join such kind of MNC.

And at last i want to thank my mom who prayed for me a lot and my close friends who supported me at each and every stage of my life.

Rahul Agrawal
PGDM 2012-14 (Berger Paints)

Page 2
Page 5

My luck was very bad as recession had hit the industry severely when i did my engineering in 2009.I left two job in two years tenure,worked even in contract basis.

Finally I decided two go for Pgdm from IMS Ghaziabad. From the first day of induction Program, I felt paradigm change in my perception and motivation.

Tumble of GD and case studies practices ,plenty of management concept especially by Timra mam,Anita mam and dhyani sir always fascinate me to attend regular classes

Under the true guidance my mentor(Timra mam and Anita mam) ,I had been selected in top twelve group of IIM Ahmedabad business Quiz,Qualified for NRHM HR Business quiz and Tata crucible Quiz.

Now Placement,
To sum it in a single line, I would not have been able to even dream of setting foot at GE.Especially Thanks to Rohit Sehgel sir for providing plethora of opportunities.

I always thanks to whole CRC Team(swarnpreet sir,Charu mam,Nidhi mam,BP singh sir)for supporting me.

Last words, Dedication and hard work are the only way to bag a prestigious job! Have patience as the right opportunity will definitely come knocking!

Abhishek Kumar

Page 6
Page 7

Learning is a key to success, and with this dream I always moved on in my life. I always want to learn more and more. With the same thought in mind it was 17th august,2012 when my life took a big turn towards my success. It was the day when I entered one of the most premier institute IMS,Ghaziabad. I entered the institute full of dreams to learn and become a successful person in my life. This was the day when my institute welcomed all the PGDM 2012-2014 batch. The time I entered, unexpected started becoming expected. Looking at the infrastructure, the professional dressing, that high level of standard in people which made me dream more higher and higher.

We were welcomed with an Induction program of one week where we were given chance to interact with successful people of corporate and learn many things from them. Slowly time moved on and I started think big and also started learning something new everyday. My institute then gave me a chance to attend international and national conferences which was like dream coming true. Institute organised many cultural as well as college festivals in which I was given a chance to coordinate and develop leadership skills. My life was becoming full of learning everyday. Time moved on and learning increasing day by day. My institute developed and groomed my personality with the help of Personality Development classes who made me aware of what corporate are all about and taught us ways to groom our personality and get recognised in corporates where we need to face tough competition.

This helped me in my summer internship program at Ernst & Young to prove myself the best among all.Time moved on and finally with the help of our great CRC team who played the most important part of my life and acted as a right hand of the institute in making students available with best job opportunities. I am really thankful to our CRC team for the best support and giving me a chance to get placed in PepsiCo.

I heartly thank them and promise to prove myself the best among all.Last but no the least Dr.Urvashi Makkar,Director IMS who acts as the pillar of the institute. I am really thankful to madam for giving me such wonderful exposures and groom my personality .I promise that I will make my institute feel proud of me and will always make my institutes name the best among all.Thanks to IMS giving me the confidence of surviving in corporate and I feel proud to be an IMSIAN. I specially want to thank our faculty for supporting and guiding me at each step of my life at IMS. Thank you all again for this support and the best guidance I could ever get.

Vikalp Agrawal
PGDM 2012-14 (Pepsi)

Page 8
Page 9

I am feeling happy, wonderful, great and proud to get my on campus placement and starting my career with one of the most powerful, dynamic and ethical corporate giant around the globe...TATA TELESERVICES LIMITED...!!!!!

My mom's hardwork which she did for me paid off very well and am very happy for it..

Thanks to my family for their constant support, blessings, motivation, encouragement and for having faith in me..

Thanks to my eminent and learned teachers who helped me in enhancing my knowledge and skills since my childhood till now...Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Vatsala Agarwal, Vijendra Dhyani, DrTapan Kumar Nayak, Timira shukla, Anagha Shukrey, Anita Singh...!!!!

Thanks to my college IMS Ghaziabad and the whole CRC team for bringing me the best opportunities in the campus...Rohit Sehgal, Swarnpreet Singh, Charu Sharma, Nidhi Mam...!!!!

Thanks to my loved one who always stood beside me and had faith in me..without your good luck i wouldn't have made it..Thanks a lot dear...!!!

And definitely thanks to all my friends and PGDM Juniors for their best wishes.... love you all..

Arunam Srivastava
PGDM 2012-14

Page 10
Page 11

"Failure is the highway to success. "If you want to succeed, double your failure rate." If you study history, you will find that all stories of success are also stories of great failures. But people don't see the failures. They only see one side of the picture and they say that person got lucky: "He must have been at the right place at the right time."

ILet me share my life history with you. I failed during my 10th pre-board examination. I failed to qualify IIT. I failed to qualify NIIT. I failed to crack interviews during my graduation. I failed to qualify CAT, but manage to qualify MAT.

Ending days of the year 2011 bring news for me that changed my life. It is that news that brings me here where I am right now. News was that I got admission in IMS. I have heard of this institute from my father's colleagues that it as a one of the best institute in terms of study and reputation in comparison to other B-School.

From Induction to the end of the session IMS organized so many workshop, visiting faculty lectures, Business games to enhance your capabilities, to show that you have the capability within yourself you just have to realize it. IMS also organized International Conference so that their students can present the research papers. IMS also organized cultural events and also Inter College fest "MELANGE"

Faculty members here have great knowledge of their field; they have 100's of example in their pocket to make you understand one little concept. They used audio, video clippings and even a full movie to make u understand. They don't take lectures, students takes lectures what I mean to say that their lectures are so communicative that students tends to say more in the class than the teacher itself, ideas automatically starts generating in my mind. Lots of activities that were done in the class helps me in getting my mind think of ideas that normally I couldn't have. And that helped me in getting my first job of my life In PEPSICO INDIA HOLDINGS Pvt. Ltd.

PEPSICO, it does not require any explanation, the name itself is enough, and IMS provided me with the opportunity to sit in the selection process of the company and here I am working as CE of Pepsico India and within two months of the training I have been assigned a territory and even got appreciation because my territory is performing according to their expectations.

Rest of my success story is yet to be written…………………

Mohneesh Kumar Singh
PGDM (Marketing & Operations)

Page 12
Page 13

Feeling Nostalgic...!! Just an hour before was sitting inside my office cabin and was just brushing up the official mails and in the mean time my eyes were stuck on todays date that is 12th march 2014, which means its now less than a month IMS PGDM chapter will be forever closed. I still remember when I came to this college for my GDPI in the month of February. I had multiple doubts about the placements, faculties, and many more issues. Well slowly and gradualy it all started. One thing I always used to say my self that is "I CAN and I WILL because its my life and I need to make it large".. Well I dont know from where to start and where to end. Section B, I miss you all buddies I was totally blessed to have the best faculties. My sincere thanks to Director maam Dr Urvashi Makkar. Thank you so much maam for giving me this platform and your constant support and guidance. Last but not the least my sincere thanks to my very own CRC members Prof Rohit Shegal sir, Swarnpreet Sir, Charu ma'am, Nidhi Agarwal ma'am. Today i can proudly say that I am working with American Express as Relationship Manager and I had offers from Honda and Indusind bank. Thank you each and everyone. Wish all my mates a great career ahead in their professional life

PGDM 2012-14 American Express

Page 14
Page 15

"If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z, where hard work is x, y is overall personality development and z is faculty Support & mentoring." My journey from IMS to Boardroom is a result of same equation. From the first day onwards, when I stepped into campus of IMS to attend 5 days induction program of my batch 2012 – 2014 to the day of getting a name of Vipiee GAURAV (As VIP Industries employee is called by the name as Vipiee_their name), it was being a worthful and learning days of my life. My life at IMS was much more than going to class and making the grade. The life outside class room was even more fostering. Friendship, clubs, campus events, sports & recreation and annual fest hence excitements, were the ingredient of my upheaval.

IMS enriched with best academic faculty, academic support centers and labs, Library endowing knowledge through books by numerous authors on a particular title & journals, Mentor counseling and stress management through personality development sessions helped me to learn beyond the course selection and degree requirement. My academic coaches helped me to get connected with other recourses from online information to skill workshop to appointment with other support area, depending upon my unique needs. Their teaching beyond the usual focus of course outline created opportunities for me to flourish in areas in which I am passionate about. There was variety of entertaining and engaging activities within the campus for me to get involved, to do and hence to nurture.

With constant support of director, all faculties, administration dept. and most talented CRC team, I also got privilege of begetting dual job offer from VIP Industries and IndusInd Bank till date. Corrugating my words, I just want to thanks IMS fraternity, my family & friends for their support, love & affection.


Page 16
Page 17

Walking down the lane and the time has come to say good bye to everyone with tears in eyes with tons of memories, smile & tears, happiness & frustration. Moments can't be folded in few words but I would like to express it in my own words. On advice of my senior colleague of my grad times, I joined this program & campus with lots of expectation, that one day I will get a job with stability to earn well. And with passage of time tremendous makeover that I could felt I got. And then discover myself with various caliber & dimension I had unexplored earlier. I became leader who can handle not only pressure but can deliver performance on time. In totality from day one Induction program to presentation, GD, surprise quiz, live projects, fest, Microsoft classes, seminar & conference with PHD CHAMBER, FICCI & ASSOCHAM, industry visit to PRALE, MOTHER DAIRY, & YAKULT exposure I got. And this was first time I lived in hostel so that was thing I was afraid of but all ended at good note. Alumni talk series gave new knowledge of world out there. And placement drive started, in my second appearance of placement drive I achieved Deloitte in my bag & I became Mr. Deloitte of my campus my friend call me now with this name. And at last this all would not have been possible without constant support of our Director Urvashi Makkar Mam ,our faculty members and most important CRC team. Family & friend where continues with me for every corner of life.

Sanjeev Kumar Pandey
PGDM 2012-14 (Finance & Marketing)

Page 18
Page 19

Determination to achieve the goal of becoming a successful management graduate with good score and handsome package was the major driving force in my life, with clear objectives and passion to achieve them. My journey began with getting admission in IMS College and then the first day in the campus started with the induction of five days where we were addressed by some of the eminent speakers sharing their experiences with us.

The knowledge and learning was provided by the faculties in the lectures, apart from this they were always ready to help the students whenever they had any difficulty in studies or personal problems. It was not only studies but for the overall development of the students there were quiz, group discussions, presentations, mock interviews, role play, projects, etc.

There were committees which were formed for the grooming of the students, I feel proud to be part of CRC committee apart from this there were cultural fest, sports fest, departmental fest in which I coordinated, participated and got a chance to prove myself. There were many plant visits such as Parle, Mother Dairy, Yakult, etc. Also there were Alumni talk series and guest lecture which showed us the right way for our future.

I also got a chance to coordinate and participate by presenting a paper in the international conference which took place in our college in the presence of some of the great personalities. There are some priceless moments which I had spent having fun with my friends, getting up early in the morning and going to the college regularly which I will never forget.

Without any notice how the time passed with all the activities going side by side started the placement activity with a lot of companies visiting the campus for different posts, profile and package, I feel lucky to be placed in two big companies which are Total oil India private limited and Markets & Markets.

In the end I would like to thank our director mam Dr. Urvashi Makkar for her constant guidance and support, also all the faculty members, all the CRC team, my friends and family who were always there whenever I needed them.

Mayank Agarwal
PGDM(Operations & Marketing)

Page 20
Page 21

"My admission into IMS is one of the achievements which I can count upon. Getting into a Bank named Royal Bank of Scotland has always been a Bank which I have dreamt for and when I got the placement in the same I was not able to believe but this all happened because of IMS who converted my dream into reality. I am very thankful to God, CRC Team, my family and my friends because without there support this wont be possible.

Royal Bank of Scotland
PGDM 2 year (BM-012119)

Page 22
Page 23

"My journey to IMS has been a dream come true.Within a Blink of an eye my PGDM journey is on the verge to an end having a beautiful placement in ICICI Securities which i never thought of.I can say that my hard word my dedication and with the support of IMS Team this success came to my side.I would like to thank God,my Parents,Faculties,CRC Team and my Friends who always supported me during my failures and cheered for my success..Thank you all!"

Tushar dawar
ICICI Securities

Page 24
Page 25

Combination of a lot of good words and embellished phrases would definitely be a perfect idea when it comes on putting across a thought about MY IMS. However being very compliant and jaunty I want to elongate a heartfelt gratification to every single associate of IMS. And even more for making me capable of being Mr. Deloitte (My friends call me sometimes), being placed in one of the best avenues of the industry. The prospect of sitting in the classes was always elating. There was something that reached beyond the course curriculum and beckoned my spirit to make me not only a better student but an all-rounder, well acquainted and ready to go.

Different fests and other events taking place in the college gave a heuristic exposure towards perfection, guidance was always complimentary and handy with me as a learner. The imperative part of these two years 'IMS HOSTEL' A home away from home, good friends and acquaintance never made me feel part.

Feel like penning down each day spent here, since words are not enough all I can give is a proud feeling of forever being a part of IMS PGDM batch 2012-14.

Sunil R Tahiliani (PGDM 2012-14)

Deloitte, NDTV Ethnic

Page 26
Page 27

When I was interviewed for the admission in IMS by the faculty members I came to know that this is the place I can step in to improve my future. As he told me the basic funda of accounts then and there .In this whole journey I would never forget the presence of few faculties in IMS without them I could have never learned Four P's of marketing to Macro-Economic factors, Chi-Square tests to SPSS Tools, Motivation Theory to Managerial Communication.

In 1st year when we conducted Mélange I was a part of marathon as a co-coordinator but when I saw many of our faculty running in marathon for a cause it gave me a great enthusiasm and then and there I decided to run for the cause next year and you all wont believe I ran the whole stretch having my own weight of more than 100 kg.

On a serious note, the practice sessions of group discussions and personal interviews for placement readiness was exemplary it would not have been possible to crack the interviews and GD rounds of any company without them.

Shubham Sharma (PGDM 2012-14)


Page 28
Page 29

My journey at IMS Ghaziabad started on 15th July, 2012. I still remember the first day of Induction programme when I was really nervous as I had entered into a totally new environment. I saw all new faces and found a sense of sophistication in everybody. The environment in IMS was extremely energetic. I realized that my life is going to be changed soon.

Somebody has rightly said that IMS is a Temple of Knowledge. The way IMS has transformed my life is unbelievable for me. I have started looking towards my life in a completely different way. I feel proud every time I tell anyone that I belong to IMS. The shear excellence of this institute has not only influenced me but many others. I am also fortunate that I got the opportunity to study with very talented, dedicated and interactive batchmates.

Harsh Kumar Saini

TATA-Croma(Infiniti Retail)

Page 30
Page 31

I came to IMS, Ghaziabad for my PGDM in July 2012, I was thinking that my decision of joining this college would be fruitful to me or not. In beginning of session it was looking to be the wrong decisions but later on when I came to learn various new things and the best part of IMS is the knowledge part which is given by the faculties here, which cannot be expressed in words. They make full efforts to make the student to enhance his skills and furnish knowledge here by different types of activities like Presentation, group assignments , group discussions ,role plays and many more .

Finally after awaited for so much time the moment came and I got my first offer letter from ICICI securities ON 17/12/13 which was big day of my life and beautiful gift of year 2013 and for that I thank all my faculties , my friends and our college CRC team

Ankit Jain

ICICI Securities

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More to follow.....



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